Autumn Vegetable Juice

It’s The Blushing Beetroot’s first birthday! I’ve really enjoyed blog writing over the past 12 months. I started writing to give myself a daily outlet while being a stay-at-home-mum of a baby and toddler. It’s been the perfect release and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Also I have had some media interest and an award nomination which was very exciting. To celebrate I’ve decided to share this delicious autumn vegetable juice. Most of the fruits and vegetables in this recipe are in season which intensify the flavour and freshness. 

Portion – 1 large glass

Prep – 10 minutes 


• 1 inch ginger 

• 2 apples 

• 4 raw beetroots

• 4 carrots 

• 1 orange 

Peel the ginger 

De-core  the apple

Juice the orange manually 

Depending on your juicer chop the fruit and vegetables into appropriate sizes.

If your vegetables are organic wash them well. If not peel them. 

Place the ingredients into your juicer one by one and let it do the work! 

Here’s the juicy bit. . . 

Choosing seasonal and local foods has been en vogue for years but this is more important than a passing trend. 

If we think back to our grandparents or even our parents basic meals, the majority of what they ate was local and in season. It is our generation that ingests a vast amount of imported and processed foods. I don’t necessarily think exotic foods from far off lands equate to a nourishing diet. Quite often these foods are in cold storage for long periods of time. Not really ideal. 

Eating local fresh produce that is in season makes perfect sense and for the most part, possible. By becoming familiar with what foods are in season you can plan your meals around these. Naturally when a food is in season it is at its most fresh and alive with nutrients. Foods that have been kept in cold storage for months loose their vitality and taste.

 Some foods which are currently in season are apples, pears, plums, figs, fennel, cabbage, beetroot and carrots. 

I know it’s not always possible or easy to eat locally produced foods. Like most I do the majority of my food shopping in a supermarket. It’s just not always as convenient to go to the green grocery. The downside of this is that I’m always surprised how difficult it can be to buy Irish. I couldn’t find Irish apples last week!!  I had to choose between New Zealand, Portugal, Italy or France! Crazy I thought. I went with the French apples figuring the NZ apples would be pretty wilted after that amount of travel time!! 

However I do scan labels before choosing and try to buy Irish. If Irish produce is not available I choose European. Unless a recipe calls for it or I really fancy a food, for example a pineapple, I try to avoid foods that require a lot of travel time. 

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